Posted by: sloexplorer | February 9, 2010

SLO Activity FAQ

1. Q: Are there any good outdoor activities on the Central Coast that are completely free?

A: Yes, there are several things you can do outdoors for free. There are several great     hiking trails on the coast that don’t cost any money. Bishop’s Peak, Montana de Oro, and Valencia Peak are all fairly easy trails that only take a few hours to hike. If you own a bicycle, there are several local mountain biking trails as well as bike lanes on the streets. You can also go up near San Simeon to watch elephant seals on the beach.

2. Q: Are there any outdoor activities to do in colder weather?

A: Most activities on the Central Coast are offered year round and will be fun in cold      weather as long as you bundle up. Activities like kayaking, surfing and other water sports aren’t as fun in the winter because getting wet means being cold

3. Q: I don’t know how to surf, are there any places that teach lessons?

A: There are several places that teach surfing lessons on the Central Coast. Van Curaza Surf School offers private and group lessons year round, mostly in Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. There are a few other places on the coast that give surf lessons including Morro Bay Surf Company.

4. Q: Are their any activities that allow me to safely view marine animals?

A: Yes. The Central Coast is home to all kinds of marine life and there are several outdoor activities that allow participants to see the animals at a safe distance. There are several places that offer whale watching day trips, boat trips, and kayak tours. You can see sea lions and otters in Morro Bay on boats or kayaks. There are also lots of opportunities to go bird watching and see the elephant seals.

5. Q: Where can I find outdoor produce vendors or experience agriculture?

A: There are several farmers’ markets held weekly on the Central Coast where you can buy produce, nuts, and more. The markets usually have live entertainment and prepared food as well which make them great outings. There are also places to pick your own fruit and visit farms.

6. Q: Does the Central Coast have any campsites on the beach?

A: Yes, there are several places to camp near the water on the Central Coast. San Simeon, Estero Bay, Morro Bay, and Pismo Beach all have campgrounds and several daytime activities to keep you busy.

7. Q: Are there any activities to do on the sand dunes near Pismo and Grover Beach?

A: ATVing is a popular activity to do on the dunes and the beach. The ATV Safety Institute offers free training classes to emphasize the importance of safety when you’re offroading. There are several places to rent ATVs near the dunes that offer several different sizes and brands.

8. Q: Are there any outdoor events during the year?

A: The Central Coast houses several interesting events throughout the year. There are several art fairs, car shows, food festivals, summer concerts, holiday activities, and more.

9. Q: If I am interested in sports, are there any games to see?

A: Cal Poly has several great sports teams most of which play outdoors. During the fall, the football games are very popular. Cal Poly also has a swim team, soccer team, rodeo team, and several more.

10. Q: I love to golf, are there any good courses on the Central Coast?

A: There are several beautiful golf courses and the weather is usually great for golfing. You can find courses in almost every Central Coast city with reasonable priced golfing year round.